We need to act now to get The Veterans Restorative Justice Act - SF 33 Passed

- 7/18/2020

Department of Minnesota VFW District 7 Legislative Officer Martin Adams

VFW Members and VFW Auxiliary Members, time is of the essence --  we need your action now! 
We need two phone calls made.  The calls takes a little over a minute to make, so you can do this in five minutes or less. A link to find your state senator and representative is in the comments.  After you make the calls, comment "done!”  Here’s what your local State Senator and State Representative need to hear; more info on this is in the comments also:

Good _(morning/afternoon)_, Senator / Representative ______.
My name is ________ from ___(town)___and I belong to VFW Post #___ / Auxiliary #___ in _____.
The justice a veteran receives should not be dependent on a county line.  The Veterans Restorative Justice Act - SF 33 (if calling your Senator)  HF 31 (if calling your Representative) – fixes this.  It helps veterans in Greater Minnesota and saves taxpayers millions. It can pass on Monday with your help and leadership.  Please insist that Senate / House takes a yea or nay, up or down vote on Monday.
The best time to help Veterans is yesterday.  The next best time is Monday by passing this bill.  The best time to save taxpayer money is yesterday.  The next best time is Monday by passing this bill.
Please insist this bill gets a stand alone vote on Monday.  Don’t let Leadership kick the can down the road by putting it in a big bill for a vote next special session, a month or more or maybe even never.  There may not be another special session. Get it done now!
I’m ___(name)___ , a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars / VFW Auxiliary, and my phone number is _____.  Thank you.
* * *
Please make these two calls and make them now.  Let’s make sure their voicemail boxes are full on Monday Morning!
Martin Adams
VFW 7th District MN Legislative Officer
District 7 Legislative Page